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Med Veg Tarts 160g
1 x 12
Unbkd Vegan S/Rolls (15g)
1 x 200
Code: KVVSR15
Bao (Hirata) Buns 30g
2 x 50
Code: KBBB10030
Bao Bun Hoisin Jackfruit 40g
2 x 40
Code: KBJFBB40
GF Veg Asian Prawn Snack Sel
2 x 48
Veg Am P/cake Red Sug 40g
1 x 120
Code: CC11621
Quiche Lorraine 11"
1 x 1
Code: MSQW020
Vegan Blini 2” (8.5g)
1 x 240
Code: CC11638
Red Wine & Shallot Gravy 75g
1 x 25
Code: EC05764
Garlic & Herb Dough Balls
1 x 120
Code: BFL3687
Mini Chicken Kievs 18g
1 x 60
Code: PF6029097
Buffet Pork Pies 65g
1 x 24
Code: PF6027371
Vegan Cocktail Selection
1 x 36
Code: TP5054
Ch & Broccoli Quiche 11"
1 x 1
Code: MSQW024
Spanish Style Quiche 11"
1 x 1
Code: MSQW023
Ch & Onion Quiche 11"
1 x 1
Code: MSQW021
Miso Ramen 350g
1 x 12
Code: AJN002
Mediterranean Style Quiche 11”
1 x 1
Code: MSQW025
Tom & Basil Quiche 11"
1 x 1
Code: MSQW022
Plant Based Mini Qch Selec 21g
1 x 48
Code: FDMQ103
Tikka Kebab Skewers 80g
2 x 10
Code: SFTK2080
Vibrant Mini Quiche Selec. 21g
1 x 48
Code: FDMQ102
GF Veg Moroc Sty Caul Bite 3kg
1 x 1
Code: KV2522
GF Salted Caramel & Choc Tart
1 x 12
Code: WLC7656
GF Ind Lemon Tarts
1 x 12
Code: WLC7654
Mini Black Forests
1 x 48
Code: FDCAN53
Foodservice Pork Pie 140g
1 x 16
Code: PF6027372
Peppercorn Sauce 75g
1 x 25
Code: EC05767
Chse, Onion &Chive Pickups 50g
1 x 24
Code: FDQP13
Cheeseburger Crostini
1 x 45
Code: FDCAN24
Cheese & Bacon Bites
1 x 48
Code: FDCAN180
Deep Dish Apple Pie 12 ptn
1 x 1
Code: MSDDAP12
GF Caramel Shortbread
1 x 18
Code: WLC0656
Blue Cheese Sauce 75g
1 x 25
Code: EC05769
Diane Sauce 75g
1 x 25
Code: EC05763
Prawn Gyoza 20g
10 x 30
Code: AJE009
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