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Afternoon Tea

Mini Cake Selection 18g

Product code: FDCAN124A

A selection of mini, traditional British cakes, 12 of each variety per case (approx. 18g each):

* Carrot
* Coffee
* Blueberry and White Chocolate
* Raspberry and Vanilla

Suitable for vegetarians.

RSPO Certified 9-2189-17-000-00.

Pack size: 1 x 48

VegetarianHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

Mini Strawb & Cream Scones 26g

Product code: FDCAN45

Light, crumbly mini scones topped with strawberry jam, a rosette of whipped, fresh double cream and a slice of fresh strawberry (approx. 26g / 4cm diam. each).

Suitable for vegetarians.

Pack size: 1 x 48

VegetarianHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

Mini Victoria Sponges 18g


The specification for this product is currently being updated. For further assistance, please call our Technical Team on 01604 878 290.

VegetarianHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

Lux Bkd Sourdough Crumpet 55g

Product code: KB2151A

Luxury, ready-baked sourdough crumpets (approx. 55g each). Packed in 6s. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Defrosted shelf-life = 3 days.

Pack size: 1 x 36

VegetarianVeganMilk FreeEgg FreeHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

Cornish Clotted Cream 40g

Product code: CFZ050

An individual portion of traditional Cornish clotted cream (approx. 40g each).

Suitable for vegetarians.

Defrost at 1-4°C for a minimum of 12 hours. Once defrosted, use within 10 days but keep refrigerated until served.

PDO Certified and Red Tractor Assured.

Kosher approved.

Crop PIG Sized Roddas PDO LogoPIG sized RedTractor logo rgb 1

Pack size: 1 x 48

VegetarianEgg FreeHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

Pop Eclairs 15g

Product code: TP8265

A delightful mix of thaw ‘n’ serve mini éclairs, made in-house with real French butter and excitingly coloured and decorated in “Pop Art” style; 6 of each variety per case: *Raspberry and blackcurrant *Lemon meringue *Crème brûlée *Chocolate orange Each éclair is 25% heavier than standard petits fours. Suitable for vegetarians.


Pack size: 1 x 24

VegetarianPack suitable for Cash & CarryHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

French Chocolate Petit Fours

Product code: TP8375

Authentic, defrost and serve French chocolate petits fours: * Chocolate and Raspberry Cakes x 5 * Hazelnut and Chocolate Fingers x 5 * Caramel and Chocolate Tartlets x 5 * Milk Chocolate and Coconut Shortbreads x 6 * Milk Chocolate and Tonka Bean Financiers x 5 * Chocolate and Hazelnut Tartlets x 5 * Chocolate, Mascarpone and Coffee Squares x 5 * Chocolate and Feuilletine Squares x 6 Suitable for vegetarians.

Pack size: 1 x 42

VegetarianHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

Pop Macarons Fruits

Product code: TP9303

A mixed pack of authentic, gluten-free French macarons with bold fruit flavours and attractive contrasting lacing decoration, six of each flavour per case (approx. 11.6g each): * 6 x Blackcurrant * 6 x Lemon-Yuzu * 6 x Morello Cherry * 6 x Coconut * 6 x Passion Fruit * 6 x Apricot Suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.

PIG Sized Pop Macarons Fruits AFDIAG logo

Pack size: 1 x 36

VegetarianGluten FreeHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free

French Macarons

Product code: TP9307

Finest, authentic, gluten-free French macarons made with ground almonds, sugar and egg whites, delicately flavoured and coloured in pretty pastel shades; 6 of each variety per case:

* Chocolate * Raspberry * Lemon * Salted Caramel * Vanilla * Pistachio

Suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.

PIG Sized Red New French Macarons AFDIAG logo FR 135 006

Pack size: 1 x 36

VegetarianGluten FreePack suitable for Cash & CarryHydrogenated Fats FreeMSG Free
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