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Like no-one else, our mission is to take jackfruit to a whole new level.

We make meat-free meats that are tasty, plant-based and nutritious.

And as meaty as meat can be because we use the flesh straight from the jackfruit.

Jack & Bry’s quality plant-based meats have been developed to recreate the taste, texture and flavour of their meat counterparts making them perfect for meat eaters, flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans with an appetite for good food.

With the growing demand for plant-based meats in the UK, discover the many benefits of adding jackfruit meat alternatives to your range: attract new customers, including those with different dietary requirements, and grow sales. 

Why Jack & Bry?  Our products:

- do not use powdered pea, wheat or soya as the main core ingredient

- are high in fibre

- contain protein

- offer a meaty texture and taste

- are very tasty!

Our range of burgers, sausages, pepperoni slices and sausage coins are now available frozen for all sorts of caterers, in all sorts of venues:

- the perfect ‘simple swap’, our juicy burgers look and taste just like the real thing. 

- our sizzling sausages are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Serve them with mash and gravy, as part of a vegan breakfast or use to make the ultimate plant-based sausage butty!

- our sliced pepperoni and sausage coins have been developed primarily as pizza toppings and pasta sauce ingredients (although they work just as well in toasties and sandwiches).  Use both for the perfect meat-free, meat-feast pizza.

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